Where did June go?!? First off, we were blessed to make the acquaintance of Bill Austin, a highly skilled sailing instructor, who we have been hiring on a weekly basis to get us up to speed on S/V Cataluna, our 2002 Catalina 36. It’s nice to have an expert on board, to watch you and know what comments to make based on direct observation. I can say without a doubt that WeiMo and I will make our first overnight cruise to a distant port some time in July. Probably Port Jefferson, or Oyster Bay. We’ll see! We flew down to Vero Beach to hang out with my mother for a week. (Sunrise photo below). Discovered “Door Dash” – where we can order practically anything and have it delivered to her door. We also spent a few nights in Orlando at The Villas Of Grand Cypress, which, if you are lucky, you can book during off-peak times for a fraction of the regular price. Some time mid month, I discovered a bottle of scotch I had stored away 30 years ago, so now I have a $30 bottle that’s worth $300. Nice investment! WeiMo’s niece, XiaoYan was our VERY FIRST GUEST on Cataluna. The final 10 days of the month were spent fighting off a lousy cold. During that time I watched a Movie called Capernaum – which I highly recommend to anyone. I’ve thrown in a few photos of my new playground – Long Island Sound.


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