April 2019

April showers bring May flowers. Cataluna is back in her slip and ready for action. I’ve become reacquainted with alkaline foods (like avocado) in an attempt to neutralize all the delicious but acid foods I like to eat. Taking your urine pH every now and then gives you an idea how hard your body might be working to eliminate excess acids and establish proper body pH. I also reacquainted myself with the SPOONK mat (see images below). In a nutshell, you take your shirt off and lie on it and it invigorates your entire back, activating the lymph system, back muscles, spine and nerves. The only catch is that you have to endure quite a bit of pain for the first two minutes, before your body reacts with a healthy dose of endorphins – which feel divine! An overnight at The Mohegan Sun with my friend Jamie was a long overdue retreat into decadence.

About Alex Nason

Founder, Alex G. Nason Foundation, Inc., Owner, Alex Nason Photography.
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