March 2019

Notes: South Beach Trip. Lots of R&R. Photography sabbatical – for the most part. WeiMo’s father passed away. It took me a LONG time to process the passing of my father, Hopefully she will recover more quickly than I did. We discovered the San Juan Hotel – a new “Home Away From Home” in Miami Beach. Stephen’s 27th Birthday came and went. CATALUNA Spring Commissioning Forms. Cataluna splashes during the week of April 22nd. SAM-e 400, Acupuncture. Bums On A Boat.  New Refrigerator for Mom. Nothing makes a mom happier than a brand new refrigerator. Aleta. Vibrosaun™. Spoonk™. Alkaline Foods – Avocados. Galeffi™, Sunflower Lecithin for cholesterol, Blue Blocker™ Computer Eyewear to save my eyeballs from computer screen radiation.

Books: Sailing Alone Around The World, By Josha Slocum. (Highly recommend!) The Iron Heel, Jack London. Storm Tactics, Lin and Larry Pardey. Psychomagic (also HIGHLY recommend), Alejandro Jodorowsky.


About Alex Nason

Founder, Alex G. Nason Foundation, Inc., Owner, Alex Nason Photography.
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