April 2017



Surprising myself again with my trusty Canon 5D Mark 3 camera. I don’t think I will eve get tired of photographing classic black and white fine art nudes. This shoot was a ‘homage’ to Irving Penn, who’s photos were on display at The Met at the time.


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Words of wisdom. True giving, caring, kindness and compassion are selfless. If there is ever any expectation of getting anything in return then it’s an investment – not a gift.


Back in 2006 – or thereabouts – I had the strangest past-life remembrance that I had been an emperor and an alchemist somewhere in Asia – more than a thousand years ago! This past life ‘re-connection’ occurred spontaneously while I was driving my BMW X3 north on the Merritt Parkway. One minute I was Alex, and the next, I was the fully conscious and embodied past-life alchemist. My spiritual mentor, Mearah Marqua, told me that what I actually experienced was my past life alchemist self PEERING INTO THE FUTURE from a thousand years ago. Imagine the surprise and shock you would feel if you were a thousand year old Asian – all of a sudden finding yourself driving a BMW 65 mph an hour – in Connecticut circa 2006! Fortunately, my modern self regained consciousness before the Asian one drove off the road and into a tree.


Kristin, Wei Mo, and Alex in New York City for the Auto Show.


Grand Central Terminal never ceases to amaze, with its constant, multinational hustle and bustle.


I don’t buy into HALF of what Noam has to say, but I DO buy into the other half – hook line and sinker! He is 1000% correct about this.


Grandpa Alex’s original pepper mill. 100 years old – at least – and still grinding better than any other pepper mill I have ever owned or used!


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Black And White Fine Art Self Portrait. 2017.



Black And White Fine Art. 2017. Kstar.


Have you noticed? Technology and robots are taking all of our jobs and livelihoods!


Father Poulos baptized me in 1959. I had a dream not too long ago where we met at The Church Of The Archangels in Stamford. He was dressed in his priestly attire, while I held a long ornate Tibetan Buddhist Staff in my right hand. We were walking toward each other in the hallway when we paused, and he said: “Alex, do you believe that your staff has powers?”, and I replied: “It has as much power as I believe it to have”.



This month, I was blessed to photograph Ana Ivanova, who is a highly trained performance artist.


Erica Jay – Black and white fine art nude.


Ana Ivanova – Black and White Fine Art Pregnancy Portrait.

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