ProMindful™ Annual Appeal

ProMindful 2015 Annual Appeal

Dear Friends

I don’t have to tell you all about ProMindful because you already know.
Special thanks to YOU for making an effort to promote peace, love, and compassion on this planet!

It’s that time of the year for me to ask for your support. We spend 364 days a year giving support, and one day asking for it. It’s the only way ProMindful can continue to promote mindfulness, holistic health and wellness – currently focusing on people in crisis. Your support gives us inspiration to continue devoting our lives to helping others, and it provides direct relief to thousands of people who are experiencing pain and suffering. Please consider making a donation and supporting us.

Thank you for your support, past, present, and future!

Alex Nason Co-Founder

Please mail your fully tax deductible annual appeal to:

1177 High Ridge Rd, Suite 111
Stamford CT 06905

or Donate Online Using PayPal


Follow this link to check out our website

Follow this link for a summary of our activities this year

About Alex Nason

Founder, Alex G. Nason Foundation, Inc., Owner, Alex Nason Photography.
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