Want Your World To Change For The Better? Try A 40 Day Kundalini Challenge

Kundalini instructors say that if you do it for 40 days – every day – your will become hooked on it – and as a regular practitioner now – I can tell you that it really does work – kundalini yoga is truly amazing. I recently completed a 40 day kundalini yoga challenge and I highly recommend it! I bought a great book called Art & Yoga, by Hari Hirin Kaur, and chose the (1) Heal Yourself Now and (2) Sat Kriyas, to do for 40 days. Figure on 30 minutes of your time. In a nutshell, the more you practice, the more aware you become, on subtler and subtler levels, as to what the kriyas are doing and how they work. In the beginning, they just seem like movements designed to stretch and loosen the body – and they are – but they are much much more – there is a genius underlying the kriyas (actions) that can only be comprehended by doing them. Words don’t do them justice. Brilliance. Genius.

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Founder, Alex G. Nason Foundation, Inc., Owner, Alex Nason Photography.
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