May 2019

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May started out with a great trip to Los Angeles to visit my (30 year old)  kids. I highly recommend the Kimpton Everly if you plan to stay near Hollywood. Clean, Quiet, Spacious, and the food is pretty good too. Lots of great restaurants nearby too, such as: Papilles French Bistro (walking distance), and Five Leaves Cafe and Oyster Bar, Friends And Family Cafe. “Little Sister” in downtown L.A. is a FANTASTIC place to eat dinner.

While you’re in L.A. – check out Bergamot Station, The Getty Museum and LACMA.

Next stop: Palm Springs, for five days, to attend the the Palm Springs Photo Festival. This is a great annual event, with lots of professionals giving lectures, portfolio reviews, and workshops. Joshua Tree and National Forests are nearby, (great shooting locations) – as well as the Coachella Movie Ranch. (Also, a great shooting location).

While you’re in Palm Springs, be sure to check out the TRAM, the weekend Street Fair, The Palm Springs Museum, and the Airplane Museum.

May 14th: I tried a telephone clairvoyant / psychic named Litany Burns. She was BEYOND accurate in describing me, and prescribing me remedies toward the continuation of my life’s work. (The reason we are all here on this planet). Highly recommend!

May 16th: New fencing for my yard, courtesy of Fence Factory. Expensive but very high quality job.

May 20th: I tried a “Darshan” with Mother Meera right here in Stamford, CT. She “straightens” and “untangles” knots in your energy lines, which run from your head to your toes. It’s a very subtle but highly effective way to clear clogged energy paths – and us 59 year olds have more than a few of them!

May 25th: Cataluna’s MAIDEN VOYAGE. We finally pulled out of the slip and went motoring out into Long Island Sound. Handling a 36 foot yacht is no easy or simple task but we enjoyed our little trip and made it back to the dock without incident. We headed back out on the 27th and motored around for a while, but waited for an additional crew member to unfurl the sails and SAIL her, which we did on May 29th. So far, so awesome! She is easy to handle and I feel confident I will be able to “single hand” her very soon.

May 31st: Photographed Josie – a new up and coming model who needed good portfolio pictures. It just so happened that I was interested in shooting aboard Cataluna, and this was the perfect opportunity. Her mother waited patiently on the dock while we worked for an hour. Got some great images!


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April 2019

April showers bring May flowers. Cataluna is back in her slip and ready for action. I’ve become reacquainted with alkaline foods (like avocado) in an attempt to neutralize all the delicious but acid foods I like to eat. Taking your urine pH every now and then gives you an idea how hard your body might be working to eliminate excess acids and establish proper body pH. I also reacquainted myself with the SPOONK mat (see images below). In a nutshell, you take your shirt off and lie on it and it invigorates your entire back, activating the lymph system, back muscles, spine and nerves. The only catch is that you have to endure quite a bit of pain for the first two minutes, before your body reacts with a healthy dose of endorphins – which feel divine! An overnight at The Mohegan Sun with my friend Jamie was a long overdue retreat into decadence.

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March 2019

Notes: South Beach Trip. Lots of R&R. Photography sabbatical – for the most part. WeiMo’s father passed away. It took me a LONG time to process the passing of my father, Hopefully she will recover more quickly than I did. We discovered the San Juan Hotel – a new “Home Away From Home” in Miami Beach. Stephen’s 27th Birthday came and went. CATALUNA Spring Commissioning Forms. Cataluna splashes during the week of April 22nd. SAM-e 400, Acupuncture. Bums On A Boat.  New Refrigerator for Mom. Nothing makes a mom happier than a brand new refrigerator. Aleta. Vibrosaun™. Spoonk™. Alkaline Foods – Avocados. Galeffi™, Sunflower Lecithin for cholesterol, Blue Blocker™ Computer Eyewear to save my eyeballs from computer screen radiation.

Books: Sailing Alone Around The World, By Josha Slocum. (Highly recommend!) The Iron Heel, Jack London. Storm Tactics, Lin and Larry Pardey. Psychomagic (also HIGHLY recommend), Alejandro Jodorowsky.


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