March 2019

Notes: South Beach Trip. Lots of R&R. Photography sabbatical – for the most part. WeiMo’s father passed away. It took me a LONG time to process the passing of my father, Hopefully she will recover more quickly than I did. We discovered the San Juan Hotel – a new “Home Away From Home” in Miami Beach. Stephen’s 27th Birthday came and went. CATALUNA Spring Commissioning Forms. Cataluna splashes during the week of April 22nd. SAM-e 400, Acupuncture. Bums On A Boat.  New Refrigerator for Mom. Nothing makes a mom happier than a brand new refrigerator. Aleta. Vibrosaun™. Spoonk™. Alkaline Foods – Avocados. Galeffi™, Sunflower Lecithin for cholesterol, Blue Blocker™ Computer Eyewear to save my eyeballs from computer screen radiation.

Books: Sailing Alone Around The World, By Josha Slocum. (Highly recommend!) The Iron Heel, Jack London. Storm Tactics, Lin and Larry Pardey. Psychomagic (also HIGHLY recommend), Alejandro Jodorowsky.


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February 2019

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January 2019

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December 2018

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November 2018

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October 2018

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September 2018

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